Anemia is the number 1 important cause of not being able to donate blood.

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Anemia is the number 1 important cause of not being able to donate blood.

Anemia is a condition in which the body has a low number of red blood cells. or the amount of hemoglobin in the blood is less than normal Normally, red blood cells In the human body, it lasts approximately 120 days and is destroyed in the spleen. The creation and destruction of red blood cells must be in balance. But if this balance is lost It may result in anemia in blood donors. It has been found that there are 3 important causes of anemia from iron deficiency as follows:

Blood donors who do not receive enough iron. Which can divide into 2 types of causes :

  • Getting too little iron, such as eating foods low in iron or not taking iron supplements after donating blood
  • There is an abnormality in the iron absorption process, such as those taking medicines to reduce stomach acid or calcium.

Blood donors who have lost more iron than normal. Which can divide into 2 types of causes :

  • Sudden loss of a large amount of iron such as major surgery, childbirth, miscarriage, or accident. or abnormally heavy menstruation
  • Continuous blood donation without adequate iron replacement intake

Blood donors who have abnormalities in the blood cell formation process 

Hematology patients such as anemia, leukemia, bone marrow atrophy, etc.

Causes of anemia for blood donors. Who do not receive enough iron and there is a loss of iron from continuous blood donations without taking iron replacement It is a cause that can be fixed initially. However, the blood donors themselves may not know. or unconsciously, monitoring or observing oneself. Therefore, it is necessary every time blood is donated. Blood donors will be advised to Take iron after donation Suggestions for taking care of your own health, including eating nutritious foods. And is high in iron, including meat, animal organs, seafood, green leafy vegetables, various dried beans and eggs, eaten together with food. that are high in vitamins in the same meal To help absorb iron better. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet