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Colville the first English League game against his old team.

Chelsea defender Levi Colville thinks he’s an actor in a Chinese martial arts drama. When he was able to score his first goal in the English Premier League for his mother’s team. Against the old team that took him for polishing last season. On the one hand,

Bernardo urges the Manchester City’s players to close the game.

Bernardo Silva, an experienced Manchester City midfielder came out to encourage his teammates who were too complacent. And missed out on dropping points again in the 3-3 draw with Spurs yesterday. Because of either the offensive game wasting opportunities or the defensive discipline was weak. As

Trent stops bullying! Endo is the game-changer for Liverpool.

Trent Alexander-Arnold the Liverpool defender credits Wataru Endo his team mate, who came on as a substitute. With helping them overtake Fulham 4-3 yesterday because of both Create tactical balance. Plus there’s a name for the door. Endo was substituted in the 83rd minute after the

Manchester United opened to discuss grabbed Amrabat.

Manchester United has opened talks with Fiorentina again to get Sofiane Amrabat before the summer transfer window closes. Sofiane Amrabat is a target for Manchester United this summer. But negotiations between the two clubs could not be agreed. And it seems that there will be no team

Paris launches 50 million euro Barzola.

Paris Saint-Germain Announcing the acquisition of Bradley Barzola. A young forward from Olympique Lyonnais to join the team for a fee of 50 million euros. Barzola have been interested in PSG all summer and even Lyon rejected the first offer. But in the end they agreed on

Bilbao plans to bring Guillamon on loan from Valencia.

Hugo Guillamon a 23-year-old Valencia forward is a target for Athletic Bilbao before the summer football transfer window closes. Athletic Bilbao are considering signing Hugo Guillamon from Valencia on a one-year loan deal to make the 23-year-old available as a centre-back option. According to a report

Liverpool: Predicted starting XI Guidelines for playing

Liverpool: Predicted starting XI Guidelines for playing And an interview. Before the game of the UEFA Champions League game against. Being in front game last week. Liverpool attack on Napoli hit 4-1. Making them start European football this year, not much memorable. But it’s also good that it hasn’t

Issues after the game Bayern Munich

Issues after the game Bayern Munich. It’s a game that fights with tactics. It is undeniable that this game is one of the high-quality clash between two teams with high technique. which each party is trying to pry different laces splashing at each other all the