Issues after the game Bayern Munich

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Issues after the game Bayern Munich.

It’s a game that fights with tactics.

It is undeniable that this game is one of the high-quality clash between two teams with high technique. which each party is trying to pry different laces splashing at each other all the time skill show Showing techniques to deceive each other head-to-head and downhill. The Bayern Munich side still emphasizes the top-level standards.

While Barcelona seems to be starting to fight back on the path to being a giant again. Until it’s a game that opens face to face exchange. It’s fun not being record on one side like the previous matches. That the two have met.

Judge each other with absolute clarity.

In this game, it must said. That Barcelona hardly looks second to either the opportunity to do it or even the possession of the ball. But what was different that resulted in their defeat was the sharpness that today shot many unforgiving fishing birds. Both Lewandowski’s cadence, who had finished several times, and Pedro’s cadence that slipped that much but didn’t shoot on target, while Bayern, they used their chances effectively. May not have to invade But waiting for an opportunity and finishing sharply until two goals help the team to finally win.


This game had a problematic rhythm in the first half. It was the moment that Ousmane Dembele snatch into the penalty area. Before being knocked down by Alphonso Davies. At that moment, the ball was not dead, causing the game to continue. until the referee signaled that the VAR check was not a foul But if we look at the slow motion, Davies didn’t hit the ball at all. He also stepped a leg in the way until Dembele lost his balance and fell down. The English commentators and analysts agreed that the ball was clearly a penalty.