Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has express his disagreement Chelsea

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has expressed his disagreement with Chelsea owner Todd Bohly’s all-star idea of ​​the Premier League. Saying the nature of American games is different. From England it is difficult to adapt to everything.

Bohly since the acquisition of Jurgen Klopp ‘ Sing the Blues ‘ has tried to change many things in his own club. including the latest to propose the concept of All – Stars in the English Premier League selecting the top players from clubs which have victory in the north – south to compete in order to add additional income.

However, when bringing the issue to ask for the opinion of the boss ‘ Reds ‘ , the answer is disagreeing because usually the queues of the big teams are tight enough. Difficult to withdraw to the star race.

” That’s cool, but when you can find a game date, call and tell me, ” the 55 -year -old said ironically.  

“ You must have forgotten that major sports in the US have a four – month season off , so they are ready to arrange something else during the year. But with football it is completely different. ”

“ There is a basketball team showing Harlem Globe Trotters. Did you come with me ? Let’s compete with the football team. ” 

“ Still stunned by the question. So don’t say anything. Maybe you can explain the idea to me when the time is right. ”

“ The All-Star team concept wasn’t sure if people would want to see it. Imagine the players of Manchester United , Liverpool , Everton , Newcastle in the same team that are not the national team – just the northern team, it’s interesting. “

” Players from the London team unite , Arsenal join Tottenham ! Is that true ? It’s really cool to do it. ” 

In addition to the North – South stars game, Bohly ‘s other idea is to play off for the league title , picking up the first four teams of the regular season to cross kick. Find the winner for the number one country