Liverpool: Predicted starting XI Guidelines for playing

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Liverpool: Predicted starting XI Guidelines for playing And an interview. Before the game of the UEFA Champions League game against.

Being in front game last week. Liverpool attack on Napoli hit 4-1. Making them start European football this year, not much memorable. But it’s also good that it hasn’t fallen to the bottom of the table. Because Glasgow Rangers have also hit hard by Ajax, 4-0, close. What the Reds have hit as well.

And as you know, last weekend’s game has postpone. Allowing the Reds to play the UEFA Champions League. Two shots in a row In this game. They have a queue to open home against Ajax, the leaders of the group whose performance seems to be as fierce as Napoli.

By Jurgen Klopp in an interview before the game that “We have a lot of homework to do, I watched the game (against Napoli) a lot of times. It’s like a horror movie. And we talk about things that shouldn’t have happened but that have happened. We’ve been through a lot of bad games, some of which are understandable. But not for the past games and we have to understand what happened.”

“Of course we have to improve the way we play. But that can’t be guaranteed because Ajax is in a great moment. First we have to show that we look at the same problem. And we have to work in the same direction. We talk, we train hard. And that’s what we do.”

As for the readiness before the game, Klopp revealed: “Keita is not ready at this time. He may return in October, as well as Oxlade, leaving both of them not registered in the group stage of this tournament, while Carvalho has returned to practice normally. But we won’t be able to use Robertson until at least after the international break after he suffered a knee injury from the previous game.