Trent stops bullying! Endo is the game-changer for Liverpool.

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Trent Alexander-Arnold the Liverpool defender credits Wataru Endo his team mate, who came on as a substitute. With helping them overtake Fulham 4-3 yesterday because of both Create tactical balance. Plus there’s a name for the door.

Endo was substituted in the 83rd minute after the ‘Reds’ were trailing 2-3. In his position at that time. Trent was promoted to a midfielder who focused on attacking. Releasing the burden of protecting before reaching the back is the duty of the captain of the Japan national team UFABET

The 30-year-old did a smooth job in the main event. He also shot from distance to draw 3-3, sparking hope for the team before ‘TAA’ shot over 4-3 two minutes before the end of time. 

The multi-dimensional benefits to the team are what Liverpool’s vice-captain praised the rising sun star for. 

“It was an amazing goal,” Trent told the official website of Endo’s equalizer. 

“I was in good vision to see it because I was standing behind him. Excellent body organization Put your foot down and aim to shoot into the goal.” 

“That might be a unique selling point of your game that people weren’t expecting.” 

“We may see him as a good ball-tackling type, who rarely passes opponents in duels, who releases the ball easily, but in truth he has excellent technique.”  

“Still very nice, very professional in the game. And when he was changed onto the field, it greatly enhanced the team’s efficiency.”  

“It is an outstanding work. And I think he’s a game changer for us.”

This is a clear change in Trent’s attitude compared to when Endo first joined the team because he just wasn’t able to pass the ball.