Vicario named Hotspur the most offensive player since his playing career.

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Gujelmo Vicario, Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper admits that. He came to play for this team during the era of head coach Ange Postecoglou. It is a club that has the most offensive football philosophy ever since he played. Career comes It is hoped that this idea will lead the team to concrete success in the future.

Hotspur just tied Manchester City 3-3 in injury time yesterday. It is again for the league game that the competition of ‘Golden Spurs’ then had a goal. After the 85th minute, both of which he scored or being backfired by an opponent UFABET

It all comes from Postecoglou’s team idea of ​​not pulling off the accelerator until the final whistle of the game. Personally, the Italian goalkeeper said that his blood was pumping every time. 

“I have never played for a team with such an attacking style before.” he said on the English Premier League network. 

“Because my career started with a bottom-of-the-table team. From a lower league, so this is the first time playing with such great players. So happy here I have improved my ability to launch the ball with my feet, improved my goal saving, and thank you Spurs.” 

“The first half we didn’t dare to play. No matter how brave we are to connect the ball from the goal mouth, we’re not brave enough. We just don’t let our minds be as free as we should be. When entering the dressing room. There was a chance to stare directly into each other’s eyes. Encourage each other not to tease express yourself. We definitely deserve to go in and adjust the attitude in that room.” 

“The team is missing many players but that is no excuse. The remaining people’s duty is to move forward, keep their heads down and practice because nothing can change what has already happened. From the leader down to fifth, they will find a way to get back to that point again. In the meantime, let’s prepare ourselves for the next match on Thursday.” 

Spurs proved once again that they can sting the former champions as they lost only once in the last 5 matches (Won 3, Draw 1).